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I'm the Apple

She is folk. She is pop. She’s unbelievably masterful behind the wheel of a guitar. Morrison’s vocal storytelling can make you cry; it can make you sing.
— Old Colony Memorial

About Grace

With a crystal clear voice and songs that land squarely in your heart, Grace has something truly special.
— Jon Evans, producer/performer Brick Hill Studios.

Mixing seemingly effortless musicality and original storytelling, Grace Morrison turns deeply personal and historical stories into song for listeners from all walks of life. “With a crystal clear voice and songs that land squarely in your heart, Grace has something truly special,” says producer/performer Jon Evans of Brick Hill Studios. And Jon should know, he has spent his career playing with the very best singer-songwriters of our generation: Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Ben Folds, and Paula Cole. 

In 2017 Grace released her first full length CD: “I'm The Apple”. The deeply personal album is full of catchy choruses, history, emotion, and storytelling; all key elements of her unique style. Grace is a regular on national festival circuit and has won a number of prestigious awards including the Eventide Arts Songwriting Competition and the Big Break contest where her music video was played on the season finale of American Idol. 

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I'm the Apple

Here are a few songs off of Grace's debut full length CD. The album is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital outlets.

See Grace Live

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Her voice is honest and crystal clear and the songs are clever and inspired. It is a testament to her talent that Morrison sounds as good live as she does on her record. 

Mark Gorman, Newport This Week

Grace in the News

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Grace Morrison’s music is somewhere between a rock and a hard place. It slides into the cracks and crevices of things that get overlooked. She is folk. She is pop. She’s unbelievably masterful behind the wheel of a guitar. Read more...



There is a point in every musician’s career when they break into the big league. 

When they go from bar scene to headliner.

This is a story of a singer on the cusp.

Grace Morrison is so hungry for the next step, you can feel it.

The passion and the eagerness oozes out when talking to her. Her voice bubbles with energy.

“Right now, I’m teaching music, but I’m trying to break out to next level,” she told me.

“I can see it.”

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Grace Morrison soars on perfect Americana roots album I’m The Apple

Grace Morrison’s latest CD I’m The Apple is a treat for the ears on every track. Morrison’s bright, chirpy timbre and vocal glide make her a winsome favorite in the local scene. Her songwriting prowess allows her to conjure many fine lyrical moments, and the instrumentation she and her support band lay out sparkle in their own special light during their special moments. This especially true of producer Jon Evans guitar work and the extra texture offered by backing singer John Baptista.

Singer, songwriter, storyteller: Grace Morrison celebrates new album

ROCHESTER — Grace Morrison doesn’t just know her roots; she sings them in nearly every song.

The Wareham-based singer-songwriter’s latest album is filled with her memories and stories. She explained her musical inspirations at an album release party for her first full-length album, “I’m the Apple” on August 21 at the Hartley-Rhodes Cranberry Bogs in Rochester.

Many of the songs on Morrison’s album touch on her family history. She explained that “Lorraine” deals with the psychological aftermath of war on a family, while “Oh Alma” endeavors to remember an ancestor who died young.

Grace Morrison strives for ‘songs that speak to people’

ROCHESTER – Grace Morrison’s love of music started young and to the tune of “MMMbop.”

“I wanted to marry one of them,” she said of the 1990s boy band Hanson. “The second I saw them I wanted to join them, meet them, and I never put down a musical instrument after that.”

As a teen, the Wareham native took piano lessons and started writing songs. Beyond Hanson, she was inspired by Lilith Fair, a national tour that featured female singers/guitarists. She wanted to do what they did, and that’s when she learned the guitar.